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Our Mission

At Maroubra Medical Centre our mission is to provide the best medical care based on the most current information available without prejudice, showing awareness of each individual’s health and social requirements. All patients are treated with respect while maintaining confidentiality.

How to see your Doctor

Our surgery operates under an appointment based system and we accept walk ins if we have doctors available.

Longer consultations are available upon request. All efforts will be made to keep your appointment close to the scheduled time, however due to unforeseen circumstances, such as emergencies, this may not be possible.

To maintain continuity of care, we recommend you see the same doctor at each visit, however there will be times when it is not possible, due to doctor’s illness, holidays or unavailability.

Test Results

It is vital that you make an appointment for follow up of any tests results. Most results require discussion and management by your doctor.


Phone and Email Communication

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If you wish to speak with your doctor over the phone, please book a telehealth appointment. These appointments can be bulk billed by certain doctors if you have a Medicare card and have attended the practice face to face in the last 12 months.

Please do not email the practice about medical needs or to make appointments.

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Home Visits

Home visits by our doctors are managed on a case by case basis and is at the doctor’s discretion. Please leave a message with reception for the doctor if you wish to have them attend at your home.

Medical Consultation

After Hours Care

If your condition prevents you from attending the surgery or we are closed, there is an after-hours service that will attend to you at your home.

After hours National Home Doctor Service 13 SICK

In case of an emergency please call triple 0 or present to Prince Of Wales Hospital Emergency.

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Patient Feedback

If you are unhappy with any aspect of the care you receive from the practice, we are keen to know about it. Please feel free to email which will be followed up by management.

You can also contact:

Health Complaints Commission

Phone 02 9219 7444

Privacy Policy

Maroubra Medical Centre is committed to protecting your personal information. All information is stored electronically with firewall security and regularly backed up. Patient information is only accessed by password-protection.

Work Desk

Medical Records

Medical records remain the property of the practice all times and will be maintained by the practice. If you change doctors and require your records to be transferred there is an Authority to release Medical Records form you will need to fill in and sign with the receptionist. If you would like access to your own medical records, you must request so in writing with photo ID via email ( or directly with reception.


Our patients are offered and automatically put on our state, territory and national reminder recall system for such things as Abnormal Results, follow up tests, childhood Immunisation, CST – Cervical Screening Tests etc. All patients are contacted by phone, SMS or mail. Please make sure we have your current contact details. If you do not wish to be involved in our recall/reminder system, please let our receptionist know.

Interpreter Services

Our practice can provide a service for patients who are not fluent in speaking and understanding English.

A free Auslan service is available for patients who are hearing impaired. please let reception know when you make your appointment that you require this service.

Destruction of Documents

Confidential paper waste is disposed of by a fully accredited medical waste disposal company and patient’s confidentiality is never breached.

Medicare Telehealth Rules

The below statement is taken directly from the Medicare website and outlines who is eligible for a bulk billed telehealth consult. Patients who do not fit the criteria can still have a telehealth appointment by paying privately.

Who is eligible?
The MBS telehealth items are available to providers of telehealth services for a wide range of consultations. All Medicare eligible Australians can receive these services if they have an established clinical relationship with a GP, OMP, or a medical practice. This requirement supports longitudinal and person-centred primary health care that is associated with better health outcomes.
An established relationship means the medical practitioner performing the service:
• has provided at least one face-to-face service to the patient in the 12 months preceding the telehealth attendance; or
• is located at a medical practice where the patient has had at least one face-to-face service arranged by that practice in the 12 months preceding the telehealth attendance (including services performed by another doctor located at the practice, or a service performed by another health professional located at the practice, such as a practice nurse or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health worker); or
• is a participant in the Approved Medical Deputising Service program, and the Approved Medical Deputising Service provider employing the medical practitioner has a formal agreement with a medical practice that has provided at least one face-to-face service to the patient in the 12 months preceding the telehealth attendance.
• The established relationship requirement is a rolling requirement applying to every telehealth consultation. For each telehealth consultation, the patient must meet one of the eligibility requirements outline above, unless one of the following exemptions applies.
The established relationship requirement does not apply to:
• children under the age of 12 months;
• people who are homeless;
• patients receiving an urgent after-hours (unsociable hours) service; or
• patients of medical practitioners at an Aboriginal Medical Service or an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service; or
• people who are in a COVID-19 Commonwealth declared hotspot, until 31 December 2021; or
• people isolating because of a COVID-related State or Territory public health order, or in COVID-19 quarantine because of a State or Territory public health order; or
• people living in a flood-affected area, defined as a State or Territory local government area which is currently declared as a natural disaster area due to flood by a State or Territory Government.
AND patients accessing specific MBS items for:
• blood borne viruses, sexual or reproductive health consultations; and
• pregnancy counselling services;
• mental health services; and
• nicotine and smoking cessation counselling.
A patient’s participation in a previous telehealth consultation does not constitute a face-to-face service for the purposes of ongoing telehealth eligibility. New patients of a practice and regular patients who have not attended the practice face to face in the preceding 12 months must have a face-to-face attendance if they do not satisfy the above exemptions. Subsequent services may be provided by telehealth, if safe and clinically appropriate to do so.





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