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From April 2023, Maroubra Medical Centre will be modifying its fee structure.

We will continue to have bulk billing doctors, as well as mixed and private billing doctors to provide health care to the Maroubra Community..

Below is a list of our doctors and their billing category.

You will also find the new fees list and out of pocket costs for patients who see mixed billing and private billing doctors.

If your Medicare account is linked to your personal account, Medicare will transfer the rebate automatically and usually within 24 hours.

note: Dr Raftos will be changing his billing from December 1st 2023. Patients with concession cards and under 16 will be bulk billed. All other patients will be charged in Group 2A (see below)

Heading 2

dr list 020424.JPG
concession fee table 0211232.JPG
fees table 021123.JPG

When patients no show on their appointments or cancel within 2 hours of their appointment  this prevents our doctors from providing their service to others in need. We ask that patients please take the time to cancel their appointment by replying "No" to the appointment confirmation text or call us 9314 3400.

First No Show or Late Cancellation - SMS/Warning letter

Second No Show or Late Cancellation - SMS/Warning Letter

Third/Fourth No Show or Late Cancellation - $20 fee

Fifth and ongoing No Show or Late Cancellation - $70 fee and ability to make appointments is denied. patient can only walk in and wait in future.

Dr Tilakaratne and Dr Han's* No Show and Late Cancellation Policy

First/Second No Show or Late Cancellation - $20 fee

Third No Show or Late Cancellation - $70 fee

Fourth No Show or Late Cancellation - no future appointments given

*only for Dr Hans out of usual hours privately charged appointments

All patients with outstanding accounts will not be able to make future appointments or use any of our services until invoices are paid in full


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